[Case Study] Link Building for Remote Work SaaS Company in 2022

December 17, 2021

Since we’ve signed an NDA with our client, we can’t disclose their name. 

Our fresh client offers creative solutions for increasing remote work productivity. Since COVID-19 drastically changed a modern workplace, our client noticed a massive surge of new competitors and a slight decrease in their rankings and organic traffic. Statista survey shows that only about 15% of employees worked remotely before the pandemic. If you compare it with March 2021., where around 70% of employees work remotely, it is easy to get the idea of potential and fierce competition in the remote work productivity niche.

Our client was already a well-known player in offering creative solutions for remote workers, with in-house link building teams and automated systems in place. The reason they were looking to contract us was to give them the competitive edge through targeted link building to their priority pages that were slowly losing hard-earned rankings. 

We bring our client a fresh perspective, creative and motivated team of experts, hyper-personalized approach, tested processes, and most importantly, access to our network of partners where our client’s targeted audience is. 


We’ve got in touch with a client in September 2021, and they’ve shared the following goals:

  • Consistent link building to their priority pages to ensure high rankings in a fiercely competitive niche
  • Performing a comprehensive anchor text audit, and coming up with an effective anchor optimization strategy that will deliver more results with fewer backlinks
  • Getting published to high authority (DR70+) and high traffic (ST 15,000+) blogs that serve the same audience as our client


Since our client already had a nice and professional link building team and effective processes, they were looking for another team to complement their link building with some extra targeted backlinks. The emphasis was on quality over quantity and extreme hyper-personalization. 

The client booked our Enterprise package (see our pricing models), which includes a complete on-page and off-page consultation. We figured out that our client has a considerable backlink gap to quickly close utilizing our network of partner brands. On top of that, they didn’t have a structured anchor text strategy which means they didn’t get the most of each backlink. Below you can see our approach:

  • Performing a comprehensive off-page analysis to find out backlink gaps and anchor text opportunities
  • Identifying priority pages & potential anchor texts. We’ve created a detailed anchor text optimization strategy that would help our client to outrank competitors with fewer links (that was our key step)
  • Prospecting & finding the key decision-makers (mainly head of content/head of marketing roles). It is essential to mention that we’ve got more than 250 potential prospects just through a quick backlink gap analysis (for 5 priority pages that we were building links to)
  • Writing a hyper-personalized email copy (we started with three different versions of copy and subject lines to be able to perform A/B testing)
  • Create an email outreach sequence (basically automating our outreach and follow-ups)
  • Negotiating about the links and guest post topics
  • Utilizing our network of partners to get quick and relevant links from websites such as Freshworks (DR91), Iconosquare (DR84), Vendasta (DR78), and similar


In 4 months, we were able to build 52 industry-related backlinks from DR70+ websites through different methods, including:

  • Utilizing our network of partners and getting targeted and relevant mentions (our primary method)
  • Guest posts 
  • Link insertions through hyper-personalized skyscraper outreach
  • Reclaiming unlinked brand mentions (or mentions that were never linked which was the case most of the time)
  • Getting mentioned on listicles (our definite winner)

Referring domains

Since the client already had link building processes set, they’ve acquired a nice number of strong and relevant backlinks before our collaboration. Before we started our partnership, 13,324 domains mentioned our client. 

As already mentioned above, we’ve managed to build 52 industry-relevant backlinks on DR70+ websites pointing to only 5 targeted pages. Currently, our client has more than 14,600 referring domains pointing to their website. 

You can see some of the websites where we’ve got our client mentioned. 

Domain Rating (DR)

Once we started with a link building campaign, a client’s domain was DR75 which was extremely good since they were one of the leading solutions in the industry. 

You can see that a current DR is 76, which is a noticeable increase, especially in that DR range. 

Organic traffic & keywords

Our client got an amazing number of organic keywords ranked in the top 10, but their rankings were slightly dropping because of a surge in demand for similar solutions. As you can see on a graph above, they’ve had a bit more than 326,000 organic traffic per month at the beginning of our collaboration generated by 96,115 indexed organic keywords.

In just a bit more than 3 months, and 52 industry-relevant mentions on DR70+ websites, our client reached 425,121 organic traffic and 157,772 organic keywords, which is a huge spike. 

Key takeaways

A consistent link building and getting mentioned on extremely relevant websites with DR70+ is primarily responsible for such a great results. On top of that, we were hand-picking only the most relevant websites where we knew our client’s audience is. That resulted in loads of social shares on LinkedIn, which brings a fantastic amount of passive links from relevant domains.

Here are the key takeaways of our link building collaboration during 4 months in numbers:

  • 52 industry-relevant backlinks built
  • Domain rating grew from 75 to 76 
  • Organic traffic grew from 326,000 to 425,121 
  • Organic keywords grew from 96,115 to 157,772
Written by Antonio Gabric
I’m in the SEO niche from the very beginning of my digital marketing career and can call myself an SEO unicorn.

Antonio Gabric

I’m in the SEO niche from the very beginning of my digital marketing career and can call myself an SEO unicorn.

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