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Our Passion is SaaS.

The SaaS industry experienced tremendous growth recently offering innovative solutions to many challenges modern businesses face. The constant progress, technology advancement, and introduction of new solutions make this industry dynamic, fun, but also crazy competitive.

The fact is – you can have the most innovative software ever, but without smart marketing, no one will ever see nor use it.

You can’t expect to launch an amazing product that solves a real problem, write average blog posts, and magically attract new leads and sales. Something is missing there…A well-planned and structured content promotion targeted to your priority pages


Stay In Pace With Growth.

Over the years, we witnessed the SEO sphere changing drastically. It’s not enough to just write a few blog comments, engage in a few forum discussions, and publish dozen of average articles on PBNs to get ranked and win organic traffic.

Nope…These times are luckily (sad for some) over.

We are a team of professionals passionate about the SaaS industry who established proven processes that ensures constant organic business growth through industry-relevant link building that outpaces your competitors.

Scale Your Link Building Efforts

We developed effective link building processes and built amazing relationships with leading brands in the SaaS industry which allow us to scale link building beyond imagination. Focus on your core business, while leaving content to us.

Industry-Relevant Backlinks

Forget spammy PBNs and other risky & outdated link building techniques. We build backlinks to your priority pages from the content we publish on industry-relevant websites. Our clients outranked other businesses in a matter of months

Hyper Personalized Approach

Generic outreach without proper research leads only to spam folders. We take our time to learn and understand our recipients, build & nurture relationships with leading brands ensuring the highest-authority backlinks for your business.

Get to know the team behind Saasmatic

Antonio Gabric

Antonio Gabric

CEO & Co-Founder

 I’m with SEO from the very beginning of my digital marketing career and can call myself an SEO unicorn.

Darian Tomas

Darian Tomas

CMO & Co-Founder

Currently pursuing a career path with a focus on SEO growth hacking exclusively in the SaaS niche.

David Gabric

David Gabric

Head of Content & SEO

Using analytical and data-driven approach I create scaleable strategies to bring more eyes to your company.

A Team Of Experienced Writers and SEO Experts

We're a custom SEO & link building company focusing on constructing ethical links for ambitious companies and agencies.

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